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*Machines* Sebo P/T Clean Obsessed Powerhead Kit. Desco Kit

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UPC: 214462168257

A collection of Cleaning Instruments so Exquisitely Crafted & Engineered that cleaning your home will be “Music to your Floors, your Breathing Environment, and your Home’s Value!”

Kit Includes

  • Hidden Cord Management Telescopic Wand
  • 2nd Chrome Telescopic Wand
  • Sturdy Metal Hose Hanger
  • Wall Mount Wand Holder
  • Canvas Attachment Caddy
  • 4-Pc Deluxe Tool Set
  • w/Horsehair Floor & Dust
  • Brushes

More details

Sebo Power Nozzle

  • SEBO ET Series
  • Electric Power Nozzles
  • Available in 12” or 15” White or Black
  • 180° Steering
  • Automatic Obstruction Shut-Off
  • Height Adjust & Bristle Wear Warning
  • Easy Brush Roll Removal
  • Excellent Pat Hair Removal
  • Solid/Commercial Durability
  • 5 Year Nozzle Warranty
  • 7 Year Motor Warranty

Plastiflex Hose

  • Plastiflex Dual Volt
  • Crushproof Hose
  • Ergonomic Gas Pump Handle
  • 1–3/8” Diameter for 11% More AirFlow
  • Available in Pigtail Configuration, or Direct Connect (Pigtail Easily Converts to Direct Connect for 110v Valves )
  • 30’ or 35’ Lengths
  • Silver or Lt Grey
  • 1 Year Hose Warranty
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