Welcome to A1 Vacuum Solutions

A1 Vacuum Solutions provides quality vacuum service and sales. The late Jim Erickson, owned and operated A-1 Vacuum Solutions in Richfield, MN for over 25 years. Jim had also been in the independent vacuum industry for over 40 years.

Jim’s son J.T. has now stepped into those shoes and is continuing the family legacy in the vacuum industry, with two of his own sons Jacob full-time and Coby part-time. Making three generations of Erickson men taking part in this family-owned small business. Along with long-time knowledgeable employee Robin still acting manager, we will continue to grow and thrive.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the industry, both past and present, in most vacuum makes and models. Our sales and service staff are factory trained.

Stop by and see us or give us a call with your question.

Why a Vac Store?

Have you ever noticed that you are on your own to determine the best vacuum cleaner for your home and family when shopping at a big box store? Typically, the store clerk points to the aisle but has no product knowledge of the vacuum, floor surfaces or allergy relief solutions. When your vacuum needs to be repaired, you are sent to the manufacturer . . . just another delay.

The Vacuum Dealer Trade Association reports that the independent vacuum dealer stores represent only 3% of vacuum sales in the U.S.A. Why not start a personalized relationship with the folks who are the vacuum cleaner experts? Receive buying assistance, vacuum trade-ins, and product demonstrations.

Why Choose A1 Vacuum Solutions?

Our mission is to provide the products and service that will give our customers the cleanest floors possible in their homes or business, with the longevity they expect at the best possible price. To show our commitment, we proudly offer in-store service warranty on most major brands of vacuums.

Our Products & Service

With floor covering prices skyrocketing, a vacuum cleaner becomes very important in the care of your carpet. Which one should you buy? Some machines will clean certain types of carpet better than others. Choosing the right vacuum is extremely important in keeping your home clean and caring for your flooring investment.. Let us help you make the right decision. Call us or stop in and we can assist in choosing which may be best for you.