Performance. Strength. Durability.

Hayden’s Platinum central vacuums provide efficient and quiet motors for maximum power and durability.

The HEPA filtration technology consists of high-efficiency filters which provide 99.5% of filtration for particles up to 0.3µm. Hayden vacuums enclose dust using its high suction power. Equipped with Hepa filtration, these vacuum systems allow you to enjoy a healthier environment.

Three hybrid filtration models are available to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in terms of quality.


Installing a central vacuum system in your home brings many benefits:

  •  A central vacuum is more powerful than a traditional canister vacuum and make the cleaning of a house much quicker with only a single hose, no unit to drag behind.
  • Since it’s customary to install a Hayden central vacuum in a remote location, its use is very quiet and eliminates dust and allergens out of the everyday living spaces.
  • With a pipe system hidden inside the walls, the central vacuum remove the dust and traps it in its filtering system, providing a better air quality.
  • The addition of a central vacuum system in a house is a long-term investment and ensure an added value to the building.