*Part* Simplicity/Riccar 4000 Series Base Plate

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UPC: 271704236358
Brand: Riccar / Simplicity / Maytag / CleanMax

Part Number: B015-0114D

Base Plate 4000 Series Upgraded Black ABS - This genuine Riccar black base plate that is made for Riccar vacuum cleaners. Guaranteed to fit Riccar Vacuum Cleaner models: R800C.4, R100, R300C, R800, R20E, R20ENT, VIBS-1 Vibrance, VIBP-1 Vibrance, VIBD-1 Vibrance, VIBCLNT-1 Vibrance, VIBCL-1 Vibrance, VIBD-4 Vibrance, VIBCBP-1 Vibrance, VIBDL-2 Vibrance, VIBCL-USA Vibrance, VIBPBP-2 Vibrance, VIBST-2 Vibrance, VIBP.2 Vibrance, VIBP.4 Vibrance, VIBP.6 Vibrance, VIBENT.2 Vibrance, VIBE.2 Vibrance, VIBD.2 Vibrance, VIBPNT.2 Vibrance, VIBS.4 Vibrance, VIBPNT.4 Vibrance, VIBUSA.SU Vibrance, VIBC.2 Vibrance, VIBCNT.2 Vibrance, VIBCL.2 Vibrance, VIBCLNT.2 Vibrance, VIBS.2 Vibrance, VIBCL.4 Vibrance, R700, R200, VIBPNT-1-Vibrance, VIBST.2 Standard Vibrance, R500, R300, R800C, R600.

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