*Part* Simplicity Brushroll Rubber End Cap (Right Side)

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UPC: 272028362792
Brand: Riccar / Simplicity / Maytag / CleanMax

Part Number: B012-0114

Rubber End Cover Right Side - This is a Rubber end cap for right side of brushrolls on select Riccar Vacuum Cleaner models. Guaranteed to fit Riccar Vacuum Cleaner models: R20SC, R200, R20S, VIBS-1, VIBD.1 Vibrance, VIBCLNT.1 Vibrance, VIBCL.1 Vibrance, VIBCL.USA Classic Vibrance, VIBST.2 Standard Vibrance, VIBENT.2 Vibrance, VIBE.2 Vibrance Entry, VIBD.2 Deluxe Vibrance, VIBS.4 Standard Vibrance, VIBC.2 Commercial Vibrance, VIBCNT.2 Commercial Vibrance, VIBCL.2 Classic Vibrance, VIBCLNT.2 Classic Vibrance, VIBS.2 Standard Vibrance, VIBCL.4 Classic Vibrance, VIBD.4 Vibrance, R500, R300C, R100, R800C.4, 8920, R800C, RHD-1T, 8905, R700, R600.

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