*Machines* Sanitare Commercial Upright (SC899)

SC889H S/C 21-4740-01
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UPC: 01120258424
Brand: Sanitare

The 16-inch wide cleaning path and easy maintenance features deliver a speedy and thorough clean. From the no-tools, shake-out bag system to the QuickKleen fan chamber, the Wide-Path 18Q Shake Out Bag Upright with QuickKleen Fan Chamber is a top choice of the commercial cleaning industry. The long-life motor and Vibra-Groomer Brushroll also contribute to this units reputation as a workhorse.

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Extra-Wide Path, Large Capacity High Performance Cleaning

For large areas of carpet cleaning, 18-qt., large capacity vacuum keeps productivity high.

Save on Bags

No-Tools Bag Release System with metal bag clip makes emptying easy and saves money on bags.

Long Life Motor, True Balance Brushroll and Replaceable Bristle Strips

Re-engineered long-life motor and chrome steel brushroll with replaceable bristle strips is built to last and save money.

Convenient Time-Saving Features

A 16-inch cleaning path and 50-foot cord ensure that big jobs get done faster

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