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This page is a basic outline on tips for household machines. Please contact us for more in-depth info!

Finding The Right Unit For Your Home



Every brand and model is different but in most cases uprights are the best option for carpeted areas only, there are some uprights that offer a hose attachment for doing hardwood floors and hard to reach areas. With these machines it comes down to preference when comparing uprights vs. canisters. Upright vacuum cleaners are further divided into bagged and bagless types and features may include dirt sensors, wide cleaning paths, unique tools, self-propelled motors, on/off brush roll, automatic height adjustment, neoprene covered wheels and several filter types. Auto-height adjustment, on/off brush roll, squeegee bars and tool options are making upright vacuum cleaners more useful for cleaning hard surfaces also.



Canister vacuum cleaners may be more expensive generally, but they also provide a quieter cleaning experience. Canister vacuums usually offer a nice array of tools that work well in many varied areas of the home. Canister vacuums are especially effective on hard surfaces, and prevent dirt scattering that may be a problem with some upright vacuum cleaners. Because of their tool based focus, canister vacuum cleaners can be a great option for cleaning stairs and hard to reach areas and be more versatile for a more complete cleaning job with less effort.


Troubleshooting Common Issues

S65 Deluxe Cordless Multi-Use

Low Suction

Low suction can be caused by multiple different things, most commonly dirty filters, clogs, or motors starting to go bad. Please contact us for a full troubleshoot walkthrough to find the root of your problem. 


Clean Max Zoom #ZM-200

Brush Roll Not Spinning

There are a few things to check if you notice your brush roll is not spinning. The most common issue is a broken or worn belt, most manufacturers recommend changing stretchable belts every 6 months to a year. Another common issue is if you get something caught in the brush roll some machines will turn off their brush roll motors automatically, this can be fixed by pressing your reset button or switch, or simply turning the machine off and back on again. In rare cases your brush roll motor may have gone bad.


No Power

Broken or torn cords, bad motors, and burnt out circuit boards are all common issues for when your machine is not getting any power at all. You may also check your user manual to see if there is a reset switch or button to press that may fix your issue.


Loud Noises or Sparking

Bring Machine into repair shop as soon as possible to find root of issue, sparks and loud noises coming from motors can present fire risks


Keep your vacuum running smoothly

Good vacuum maintenance can mean the difference between having to repair or replace your vacuum. Here are a few tips to help your vacuum stay in top condition.

Disposable Bags:

Always use the appropriate bags designed for your machine. They are designed to fit properly and breathe better for peak airflow. Change the bags frequently because the cleaner the bag, the more dirt you can pick up.


vacuum cleaner beltBelts stretch, even when they are not in use. A stretched or damaged belt won’t turn the brush roller as effectively and dirt won’t be loosened from deep in the carpet fibers. Belts should be replaced every three to four months, sooner if vacuum is used more.

Beater Bar / Brush Roll:

Beater bar brush rollerClean the brush roller at least every two weeks, depending on usage. Thread, string, and pet hair can get caught on the brushes, putting a strain on the brush roller, the belt, and the motor.


FilterYou should clean or replace the filter on your vacuum as recommended in your owner’s manual. This is usually between 3 to 6 months, but some may be only once a year, depending on the manufacturer and the model.

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