Attachment Help Center

Although certain brands make tools to fit their machines there are a lot of universal tools that will fit most brands with the help of an adaptor. We have categories listed below to help you find the right tools for you.

Finding The Right Size Attachments

35 mm Tools

Typical Brands: Miele



1 ¼ Inch Tools

Typical Brands: Bissell, Dirt Devil, Electrolux, Eureka, Hoover, Kenmore, Kirby, Panasonic, Riccar, Sanitare, SEBO, and Simplicity.

Also note most central vacuum attachments are  1 ¼ inch tools.

 Please note some specific models of the brands above are a unique fit. Please Contact Us to be absolutely certain the tool of your choice will fit your machine.


Other Sizes

Typical Brands: Shark, Dyson, and Shop Vacs

Because of these vacuum’s unique attachment diameters from model to model it is difficult to have a one size fits all adaptor. The easiest way for us to determine if we can get attachments to fit with your machine is to bring it into our shop.


Finding The Right Tool For Your Cleaning Needs

Hardwood Flooring

Horsehair floor tools are the best option for any scratchable surfaces like hardwood, vinyl, or laminate floors. The horsehair bristles are softer than tools with nylon bristles, which can scratch floors easily.


Tile and Brick

Nylon bristle floor tools are perfect for tile and brick floors. They are more durable than the horse hair bristles and are able to deal with rough surfaces for a longer period of time.


S65 Premium Cordless Multi-Use

Dusting Brushes

Dusting brushes are the perfect option for cleaning any surface that gathers dust from blinds and drapes to shelves and corners of ceilings.



Depending on your stair surfaces there are a few different options for cleaning your stairs other than your powerhead or floor tools. Turbo tools or upholstery tools can be easier to use than your floor tool or vacuum nozzle due to the lighter weight of just a hose and small tool.

Turbo tools like the Wessel Werks air driven tools are perfect for getting a deeper clean on your carpeted stairs, these tools are like a mini powerhead with a turning brush roll which aggravates the carpet fibers to loosen up dust and dirt.

Upholstery Tools also work for both carpeted and hard surface stairs. Although they don’t vibrate the carpet fibers like a turbo tool does they can be a cheaper and lighter option to having a cleaner home.

Pet Hair Beware Fur Remover


Turbo tools can also be a good option for getting pet hair and dust off of upholstered furniture,the bristles aggravate the fibers in your upholstery to loosen up dirt and dust.

The Fur-Get-It tool by Riccar (Pictured to the left) is a great option for pet owners, the fibers on this upholstery tool cling to hair follicles and sucks them up as you move the tool in the opposite direction.

Upholstery Tools are another cheap and light option for households without sheading pets, these are perfect for picking up light dust and debris from any upholstery surface.


Unique Tools

There are many tools made to do specific odd jobs around the house and help keep your home the cleanest it can be, check out some of the unique tools we carry in stock below! Just click the product name for more info.


Pet Massage Tool 

36″ Crevice Tool For Hard To Reach Places - Perfect for under appliances!

Radiator Brush