Sebo 370 Comfort

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The heavy-duty 370 COMFORT is a two-motor, upright vacuum cleaner with separate suction and brush motors. It is ultra-quiet and designed to provide many years of trouble-free operation. Its aggressive 14-inch-wide power head has four-level, manual brush height adjustment and was designed to clean carpets, but it performs well on most hard floors and has excellent pet hair removal! The 370 features an electronic controller that alerts the user to problems, such as a clog, worn brush, full bag, and when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning. Additionally, the brush roller shuts off automatically when it is obstructed, to protect the motor, belt, and carpet from damage. The vacuum also has an instant-use cleaning wand and suction hose with an eight-foot reach, tool-free brush strip removal, a 39-foot power cord, and three on-board attachments. This commercial-grade upright is perfect for large carpeted areas, and the extension side of the power head’s L-shaped contour makes cleaning under counters and along walls easy! Additional features include a giant 1.4-gallon bag, protective rubber-coated wheels, and a low 5.5-inch cleaning profile that fits under beds and furniture.


Incredible Warranty Coverage

All SEBO models include a FREE seven-year warranty on the motor and five-years on non-wear parts and labor charges. The Comfort 370 comes with an extended 3 years on the motor and 5 years on non-wear parts.

Instant-use Wand and Suction Hose

The integrated, instant-use wand and suction hose are always ready. Just pull out either tool to clean hard-to-reach corners, edges and crevices. The wand and hose together have an eight-foot reach. The suction hose is ideal for cleaning furniture. A nine-foot extension hose is available, which creates a total hose length of 15 feet . . . perfect for cleaning stairs. Choose from a range of optional attachments that can be fitted to the wand or hose!

Flat-to-the-floor, 51⁄2 -inch Profile

Its low profile makes cleaning under furniture and beds easy!

Three-step, Hospital-grade Filtration

It features an S-class, pre-motor microfilter, a three-layer Ultra Bag, an exhaust filter, and a tightly-sealed casing, which prevents dirty air from escaping through its seams.

Huge, 1.4-gallon Filter Bag

The large-capacity filter bag is convenient and economical because fewer bag changes are needed.  And closing its hygiene cap prevents dust from escaping during bag removal or disposal.

Brush Obstruction Light with Automatic Shut Off

If an obstruction jams the brush roller, a red warning light on the power head illuminates, and the brush roller immediately stops spinning.  This prevents the belt from breaking and protects the motor and carpet from damage.

Incorrect Height Setting or Worn Brush Light

When brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning or when the brush strip should be replaced due to reaching maximum bristle wear, a red warning light remains illuminated during use. (The vacuum will not automatically shut off.) The light shuts off when the condition is corrected, ensuring consistently effective brush agitation of the carpet pile.

Easy Brush Strip Removal and Cleaning

Cleaning hair or debris from the brush strip, or replacing it when the bristles are worn, is quick and easy, and no tools are required! This feature ensures consistently effective brush agitation of the carpet pile. The 370’s sealed brush-roller mechanism, with removable brush strip, provides extra rugged durability.

Two-motor Design.  Automatic Brush Shut Off During Stationary Use

The 370 operates using two motors:  a 1,300-watt motor for suction and a 175-watt motor to power the spinning brush roller.  Thus, when the handle is in the upright, locked position, the vacuum’s brush roller automatically shuts off, but suction remains on, so stationary cleaning using the wand and/or hose can be done for an extended period of time.

Full Bag or Clog Warning Light

When a full bag, a clog in the airflow pathway, or an excessively dirty microfilter is detected, a red warning light on the bag housing illuminates and an airflow bypass valve opens.  This feature prevents overheating and motor damage from a lack of adequate airflow.

Durable, Heavy-duty Belt

The reinforced, geared belt does not slip or stretch, resulting in a more efficient use of power, and it should last the life of the machine.

Wide Power Head with One-sided Edge Cleaning

The 14-inch-wide power head with a 121⁄2 -inch cleaning path is perfect for larger homes, and its L-shape provides excellent maneuverability around furniture and under cabinets. The extension side of the head cleans to the edge.



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