Reach Commercial 3 Wand Kit

For use with:

  • Ventilation Ducts
  • Ledges
  • Window Sills
  • Return Air Vents
  • Fireplace
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Cen-Tec Systems 93125 is a comprehensive vacuum solution for cleaning elevated horizontal and vertical surfaces in a commercial environment. Risks associated with the use of ladders are eliminated by cleaning safely from the floor or elevated platform. The system features three 1.50” ratchet telescopic aluminum extension vacuum wands and four 1.50” adaptor wands that allow the user to easily clean surfaces up to 25 feet from the floor or elevated platform using a backpack vacuum or commercial tank style vacuum, both dry or wet-dry. The system is designed to vacuum, source capture, dust and other debris from these surfaces through the vacuum wands and the eight specially designed vacuum nozzles included in the package.

The 93125 system is designed for easy cleaning of elevated surfaces up to 24 feet from the floor. The 93125 set is designed to keep you from having to use a ladder with all of its attendant risks. Two pivoting head Sidewinder tools allow the tools to automatically find both horizontal or vertical surface for effective source capture of debris. A five inch and seven-inch pipe cleaning tool are included for cleaning conduit, pipes, and other curved surfaces. Each connection is made with a positive locking button or with an ABS compression collar so the system will not separate when used overhead or extended on a horizontal plane from an elevated platform. Set-up with the three main poles, an adaptor wand and the heaviest accessory the set weighs less than six pounds making it easy to control and promoting less user fatigue. Three ventilation tools allow the cleaning of 1, 2 and 4-foot ventilation pipes. The set includes: three telescopic locking poles, a straight adaptor wand, a 45 degree bend adaptor wand, a 130 degree curved adaptor wand for horizontal surfaces, a four inch and eight inch curved surface cleaning tool, an 8” and 18” Sidewinder brush with pivoting head, a 14” nylon fill floor brush, a 1 foot pipe ventilation tool, a 2 foot pipe ventilation tool, a 4 foot pipe ventilation tool, caddy bag, and hose to wand system adaptor.

  • System designed for cleaning elevated surfaces safely from the floor or platform up to 24 feet without the use of ladders that expose the user to risk of a fall.
  • System includes three lightweight aluminum telescopic wand as well as three adaptor wands with compression collars to secure accessories for cleaning pipes, horizontal, and vertical surfaces both elevated or on the floor.
  • Each section of the system is designed to lock in place for safe cleaning overhead or when extending horizontally from an elevated platform. At less than 6 pounds equipped with the tool of choice, it is easily controlled in use.
  • Compatible with all major backpack and commercial canister vacuums equipped with 1.50” hose.

Kit Components

  • Black Aluminum Extension Wand
  • Straight Extension ABS Locking Wand
  • 130° Extension ABS Locking Wand
  • Chrome Steel Collar
  • 200mm Pipe Cleaning Tool
  • 100mm Pipe Cleaning Tool
  • Sidewinder 18” Hard Floor Tool
  • Sidewinder 8” Dusting Brush
  • Commercial 14”/356mm Hard Floor Brush
  • 45° Extension ABS Locking Wand
  • Mesh Caddy Bag Zipper 23.5” x 31” Black
  • 1’ Curved Ventilation Tool
  • 2’ Curved Ventilation Tool
  • 4’ Curved Ventilation Tool
  • 90 Degree Locking Elbow
  • Locking 24” 90 Degree Extension Wand



Cen-Tec Systems

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