DISAN Central Vac Systems

DISAN Central Vac Systems

Every day several million square feet are vacuumed by DISAN central vacuum cleaners in commercial buildings around the world. For almost 20 years DISAN has developed and manufactured a wide range of solutions satisfying the requirements of the small apartment for domestic use to commercial use in large commercial properties. DISAN is considered among the best in professional central vacuum systems worldwide.

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Disan’s commercial vacuum equipment has been used in a wide variety of applications including hotels, offices, restaurants, schools, banks, theaters, churches, hospitals, retirement homes, and sport complexes. Essentially any environment that requires thorough, quick, and frequent cleaning can benefit from the professional cleaning power, efficiency, and reliability of a commercial central vacuum system.


The benefits of installing a central vacuum system in commercial properties are often described by how easy and how well central vacuums clean, but the real benefits may be the cost-savings they provide:

  • Improvements in “building hygiene” and indoor air quality
  • Shorter cleaning times
  • The ability to amortize the system over the life of the building

Why We Carry DISAN

  • Extensive product range that supports small applications such as computer clean rooms to large scale applications such as multi-level hotels.
  • Systems are virtually maintenance free.
  • Engineering support is available from Disan and Cen-Tec.
  • Energy efficiency is achieved through an electronic inverter system that monitors performance and adjusts power according to demand.
  • Systems support up to four simultaneous users.


A1 Vacuum Solutions offers a broad line of products and is capable of providing for a complete commercial central vacuum installation. Whether you simply need cleaning accessories to support an existing central vacuum system or require installation material for a new project, we are here to help.

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