Central Vacuum Brands

A1 Central Vacuum Systems

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In addition to servicing any existing central vac system, A-1 Vacuum Solutions proudly offers systems from:

AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry®:
Built in Total Home or Business Cleaning System

Aqua Air SystemsThe AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry® is the answer for all your home and business cleaning needs. This system will vacuum every surface in your home with 100% dust filtration and can immediately be used to clean those same surfaces with a warm water extraction. All vapors and odors are exhausted outside your living or working environment.

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Beam/Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems

Beam Central Vac Systems

Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems, headquartered in Webster City, Iowa, began operation as Beam Manufacturing Company, producing washing machines, dishwashers, and Beam “Doodlebug” scooters.

On January 1, 2007 Beam Industries became Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems featuring the central vacuum brands of Beam, Eureka and Electrolux.

Beam Central Vacuum Systems are attractive, affordable built-in appliances that appeal to homeowners as well as the commercial sector. A system consists of a combination power unit/dirt collection receptacle, power brush, hose and cleaning accessories for whole-home cleaning.

Cyclo Vac

CYCLO VacFor over 45 years, Cyclo Vac has been designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality central vacuums, which have revolutionized the industry. In 2006, Cyclo Vac once again raised the bar with the introduction of their latest innovation: The High Efficiency Collection.

A completely new technology, with a redefined triple filtration system, ultra powerful motors and ultra quiet power units, as well as many other practical functions and characteristics, Cyclo Vac’s HE (High Efficiency) collection will simplify your life and completely redefine the notion of cleaning.

Cyclo Vac Power Unit Options

DISAN Central Vacuum Systems

DISAN 6408Every day several million square feet are vacuumed by DISAN central vacuum cleaners in commercial buildings around the world. For almost 20 years that DISAN has developed and manufactured a wide range of solutions satisfying the requirements of the small apartment for domestic use to commercial use in large commercial properties. DISAN is considered among the best in professional central vacuum systems worldwide.

DISAN Product Information

Eureka Central Vacuums

Eureka Central Vacuum Cleaner SystemEureka Central Vacuum Systems are built-in cleaning appliances that let you clean your home and improve indoor air quality at the same time. Central Vacs are quite powerful and give you a thorough whole-house clean. They also remove 100% of contacted dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens vacuumed from living areas, making them ideal for relieving allergies.

Today, Eureka is part of the Electrolux family of home care products, concentrating on vacuum cleaners and other home and commercial cleaning products. They manufacture and distribute more than 130 different models under our four brands: Eureka, Electrolux, Sanitaire and Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems (formerly known as Beam).

HP Vacuflo

VACUFLO Central Vacuum SystemSince 1945, H-P Products, Inc., premier manufacturer of central vacuums and tubing-related products, has established an internationally recognized operation developed on the genuine principles of producing high-quality products, while servicing the needs of a wide customer base. Superior service and performance practices that key executives have instilled in the company have positioned H-P as a leader in the tubular products and central vacuum industries.

VACUFLO® offers several types of power units including True Cyclonic®Filtered Cyclonic™ andMaxum Replaceable Filter Bag. All are full-featured, powerful systems that provide a superior cleaning experience. VACUFLO power units are rated by square footage. The best system for your home may be rated at a higher square footage based on your particular home layout and chosen system options.

Hayden Central Vac Systems

Hayden Central VacHayden Industries is a global leader in central vacuum systems. Featured products are the SuperVac™ cyclonic system, SuperPack™ cleaning tools, and a full range of fittings and valves including the revolutionary dual voltage SuperValve™. Hayden SuperVacs vent harmful allergens and dust mites out of the living area, creating clean indoor air, and eliminating the causes of respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Hayden is a custom injection molder, and an OEM supplier to built-in vacuum manufacturers. Hayden markets and sells products to vacuum distributors and vacuum dealers in over 20 countries.

Builders and Contractors

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